Our history

Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites is a family-run hotel, owned by the Da Tome Family since 50 years. Opened for the very first time in April 1968, it is celebrating 50 years in 2018, with a brand new logo that recalls the shape of a light blue seagull, and a slight change of name, from the historical Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro to Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, to underline the growth of offer and quality.

Gabbiano Azzurro opens usually in May and closes by the end of October. Sergio Da Tome, with the precious help and support of his wife Antonella and his brother, Marco Da Tome, is the General Manager since more than 45 years. In the recent time, also the eldest son Tullio has joined their efforts to bring in new energy and inspiration and face the future challenges they are undertaking. 

Gabbiano Azzurro means “light blue seagull”, and the wings of our Gabbiano are actually the staff members, long time trusted employees, whom kindness and professionality are much appreciated among our Repeaters and Guests. Franca, Sergio, Loredana, Maddalena, Gianni, Maria, Tore, Daniele and many more… if you add up their years of service for Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites, you can count on more than a 100 years of experience at your service! There is nothing you will ask that these resourceful people are not actually able to accomplish. Each year, the number of Repeaters is growing thanks to a professional but also friendly, welcoming environment. This warm, cozy atmosphere will make you feel as though you never left home.