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7 Sardinian Handicraft Products You Should Know

Sardinia is a land able to charm thanks to the versatility of the territory and of the millennial culture. Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites aims to let these multiple wonderful aspects of the Sardinian land be fully appreciated by the guests staying at the hotel, by having the opportunity to get to know Sardinia also by means of its craftsmanship, which discloses the story of the island through the artisan workshops where it is created with art and passion.

In 1957 the Autonomous Region of Sardinia established the I.S.O.L.A (Sardinian Institute for the Organization of Handicraft) to protect the popular art of the Sardinian handicraft in its whole, willing to convey Sardinia’s magic and traditions through it.

  • Sardinian ceramics: the past of Sardinian ceramics begins with the beautiful pre-nuragic and nuragic ceramic specimens, and with the models that go back to Roman domination. Today's artistic ceramic is the result of the union between culture, history, design and technology, local products that have contributed to bringing the elegance of Sardinian craftsmanship to the world.
  • Ironworking: ironworking in Sardinia is a millennial art evidenced by the findings of the metal age bronzes that began 5000 years ago (3000 BC), thanks to its rich mineral resources. An ancient iron craft tradition is one of the Sardinian knives with a folding blade, the switchblade.
  • Sardinian Jewels: Sardinian jewels are of very particular beauty. In gold or silver, in filigree work, adorned with stones and coral: jewels are an important part of the traditional outfit, they have a history, partially myth and part reality.
  • Basketry - The Sardinian Baskets: in Sardinia, a land rich in aquatic plants, the weaving craftsmanship is highly developed. Although there are still artisans who make mats and fences, the weaving manufacture of corbules and baskets, is the most popular product. The skilled hands of Sardinian women transform rattan, dwarf palm, asphodel, reeds, willow, myrtle, lentischio, straw and hay into baskets and containers.
  • Wood: wood has always been a favourite material in Sardinian homes, used in furniture and utensils, but also in musical instruments and masks for ceremonies such as the biseras of the Mamuthones. The craftsmanship of the carving, especially for the chests, indulges in geometric patterns with flowers, birds and even the sun, often engraved in the centre of the chest façade.
  • Cork: in Italy, the Sardinians were the first to make extensive use of the external bark, which covers the stem and roots of the cork oak, typical of the Mediterranean. They protected with it the utensils from humidity, created benches and counters and various containers for daily use. Today the cork oak in Sardinia is present on an area of ​​90 thousand hectares.
  • Sardinian carpets in Nule: Nule is famous for its handmade Sardinian wool rugs, a country where weaving in an artisanal way, according to the ancient technique that uses the vertical loom, is art.

The "know-how" of Sardinian artisans tells of a genuine personality derived from ancient history and which not only proposes a glorious past but offers more modern executions of the Sardinian tradition. So if you wish to take a small piece of Sardinia back home, leave the stones, sand and shells alone, which must remain where they belong because they have an important utility in the island's natural balance, dedicate yourself instead to the discovery of crafts that we can assure you, will win you over. An ability handed down from fathers and mothers to sons and daughters where care and passion are endorsing the strong tie that binds them to their marvellous island.

 “An art can only be learned in the workshop of those who are winning their bread by it.”  (Samuel Butler)


Written by Daniela Toti

In the Photo: Atelier Anna Grindi in Tempio Pausania - production of clothes, jewellery and handbags made in exclusive fabric made Sardinian cork

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